Sunday, August 2, 2009

Punk - Is it too progressive for Malibu?

While doing some retail re-con in the Malibu Country Mart ( which was rather quiet for an early Saturday I might add ), we decided to visit one of our favorite stores, Naked. 

While conversing with the staff ( of one ), an intelligent guy who has worked with the best in retail, we seemed to be pondering the question: "Is punk too progressive for Malibu?"

Naked is the brainchild of Raif Adelman, a sexy artist/designer from Vancouver who's well known clothing line Richard Kydd, is sold around the world ( including Maxfield, another progressive-punk retail store based in that just recently opened in Malibu ). The clothing they carry are all their own lines, beautifully constructed designs with organic cotton, leather, sexy distressed t-shirts with indian designs and splattered paint, luxurious scented candles...all the things the young ( or old ) rock n roll types that congregate here would love.

Raif Adelman one of a kind couture skirt with a Naked organic tank. Photos from Naked courtesy of Revolution Malibu.

One of a kind Raif Adelman studded jacket.

Yet, this Naked staffer has seen little to no action, actually what action he has seen are people who walk in, look around and squabble something along the line of "oh no, this is not for us".

Naked paint splattered punk t-shirt.

Most recently, a new store opened in the north end of town near Point Dume called Revolution Malibu. This progressively punk meets rock n roll store owned by Cece Abel, pushes the limits of artistic expression with time tested in store brands that have graced the pages of INSTYLE, US WEEKLY, IN TOUCH, and on national television ( E!, Extra! and Entertainment Tonight ). Celeb worthy style, yet too progressive for the Point?

Cece and her husband Dave.

Cece disagrees stating that although there is a mix of rock n roll and surfers in this community - it is more about the sophistication of the clothing rather than the "punkness" per say. With the likes of brands like "Free City" making a name for itself here, that should show you that Malibu depends on comfort being the key - and it's ok to have some punkness incorporated in that comfort, but if you are depending on local Malibu to be your primary customer, then make sure you have a lot of cotton and fleece on hand.

Revolution Malibu counts number top sellers are flannels and a recycled wool beanies - worn year round. "It's about adapting to the community" says Cece, "not about pushing self expression onto the people in this community. That's what e-commerce is for".

As time goes on I suppose we will see the real face of Malibu and what will survive within the city limits of the 27 miles of style!


  1. I can't wait for my next visit to L.A., and I will stop by and say hi!!!

  2. wow! what amazing pieces!
    I love them so much!
    kiss :)